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Hello my friends, wassup?
I know I know summer is over, the rain is getting you depressed and bla bla bla… Every year is the same story, I used to be a very “metereopatic” person, you know when the time changes and
you get a little bit sad and when its sunny you’re happy.. But after my first year in London I started to love the rain and the cold weather..
Anyway it’s time to wear some jackets, maybe leather or Jeans (even if my favorites are the College Jackets) and some headphones to cover your  ears.
Here you have a spring summer look – Photos by Eleonora Sebastiani
The shoes are Adidas Ransom ( I could’t find the link where to buy them ) but I guess If you check on google you can find it.

Hope you like it!
In the name of nature. Peace & Love MdvStyle


IMG_0565 IMG_0447

IMG_0470 IMG_0475 IMG_0502 IMG_0511 IMG_0606 IMG_0613 IMG_0632 IMG_0479 IMG_0434 IMG_0414


  1. metereopatic – learning new sophisticated words with you. I’m didn’t even know there was a name for that feeling, haha. Good to know.

    Like the jacket and your headphones are really awesome. Great hair, too :D

  2. Photos are very well-taken and outfit is very nice too!
    Although where I live there is no spring but it’s also monsoon season and always rain during this period. I think your this outfit can be wear in this peroid, very versitile.

  3. Love your style a lot and have seen all your youtube videos, the only thing I can’t seem to find is that car your sitting in I would love to have something like this because nobody else has one, and I love how it looks so stylish and eccentric. I live by a rich neighborhood and they have all the nice cars today I would like something like your car, but was also planning on buying a Fiat 500 like your friend. Would love your feedback and help towards my future car thanks buddy!

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