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Hello everybody,
I was thinking about how hard is to be a business man, and why they always wear the same stuff.
Ok I know they have to, in ordet to be classy and elegant and professional and bla bla bla.. whatever! That doesn’t mean you have to be boring (“fashion talking” I mean)
You guys can dress elegant but still have to be a little different from all the others in your “work place”



Let’s see what you think about the look, and details I choose for this category, I think my Nara Camicie Shirt,  the Cartier Watch, my Top Shop tie, the Cashmere Gilet , Levis Jeans and Dorico shoes all works well together.


Ciao ragazzi/e, girando per Milano qualche giorno fà riflettvo a quanto noioso
dev’essere l’ armadio di un “Business Man” per lo meno di molti di loro,
vuoi perchè devono mantenere una certa serietà, vuoi perchè facendo una vita abbastanza di corsa si ritrovano a mettere sempre le stesse cose per comodità.
Qualunque sia il motivo, a me sembrano un pò noiosetti, non dico di mettere una camicia rossa percarità, però magari un bel cravattino, una bella pochette, e magari se proprio vogliamo esagerare un bel fermacravatta!
Certo è che di solito quello che non manca al perfect “Business Man” è un bell’orologio
magari un Cartier che male non fà:

Mi sono improvvisato Business Man ed ecco il risultato!
Fatemi sapere! :)



  1. Ciao Mario complimenti vivissimi per tutto, ti seguo con passione. Mi premeva chiederti potresti consigliare qualche look “notturno” magari per una serata in discoo anche un da sera. Grazie in anticipo. Good luck for everything!

  2. Interesting subject you tackled here because it is a widespread belief that if you have to dress up in a business type of style, that it equates with being boring. You can be fun in your style, while remaining elegant.

    The dress shirt you used. Sick. Awesome detail on the bottom of the arm part. Also, the tie is awesome.

    Btw, this totally has like a James Bond air to it. This shoot. Kinda reminds me of Skyfall with Daniel Craig. Don’t know if you saw that film. Pretty awesome movie that kinda goes with this post and the idea of wearing suits but making it stylish, like you do here.

  3. Hi Sir!
    My Name is Oscar. I’m 18years old and lives in Sweden. I’m also model but looking for an agency. So do you have any agency for you model career? It would be so Amazing if i could send you some pics and if you could help me? Btw your blog and the fashion, photos are so great. Best regards Oscar

  4. Hi Mariano, great style as usual ! ;)
    Can you tell what’s the band of your jacket, because i don’t see it in the description part.
    Greetings from France, by the way love your hair, they look so cool ! :)

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